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Resources for Your Child in Times of Uncertainty

Parenting has always and will always present us with challenges and situations that leave us feeling unsure, fatigued, and possibly overwhelmed. However, parenting during times of seemingly never ending natural disasters, deadly mass shootings, and displays of violence can make supporting your kids and managing their questions and anxieties (as well as your own) that much more complex.

As parents, it is vital that we maintain an awareness of our own concerns and self care practices in order to insure that we are able to support our kids in ways that feel meaningful and genuine to them.

While this task feels daunting, there are many valuable resources available to parents and caregivers to help answer questions and provide support and comfort to our kids. A few resources to consider are:

-Sesame Street in Communities-

Sesame Street has launched a new campaign to help children and families cope with traumatic experiences. Sesame Street in Communities provides helpful and age appropriate information on a variety of topics, such as how to prepare for a natural disaster, the importance of taking deep breaths, and how to reach out to a loved one when feelings become overwhelming. Videos, coloring pages, and articles are available to help navigate these issues.

*information available in both English and Spanish is an incredibly informative website with articles written in age appropriate language for kids, teens, (and parents) on a variety of topics. A few topics include bullying, anxiety, health and sexuality, and depression. The articles on have been written and cultivated by pediatricians, psychologists, social workers, and other experts in the field of children’s mental and physical health. This assures that the information provided is both unbiased and grounded in data.

*information available on English and Spanish

-Support from your own Community-

It’s also important to recognize when it is necessary to advocate and pursue help on behalf of your child. Sometimes it really does take a village to provide all the love and support children need to thrive. Social workers and counselors in the community have the opportunity to join your village and provide support and relief when families need it most. If you feel your child, teen, or family system may be in need of additional support, please feel free to reach out to the clinicians at Good Mourning Counseling Center.

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