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What does EMDR stand for? 

​EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. 

How does EMDR work? 

EMDR is a processing therapy that is useful for helping clients cope with trauma, addiction, and phobias. The client focuses on a particular thought, image, emotion, or sensation that, when experienced, creates an emotional or physical charge. While simultaneously experiencing alternating pulses on both hands, the client is told to notice what comes up for him/her when thinking of the thought, image, emotion, or sensation. As this process is repeated, the client quickly begins to experience that the thought, image, emotion, or sensation no longer has the emotional charge. 


Is EMDR only for adults?

EMDR can be incredibly helpful for children, adolescents, and adults working through difficult issues in their life. Since both Lauren and Sydney are trained in working with trauma survivors as well as EMDR, we are able to combine the two techniques to bring about efficient and effective healing at any age.

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